That hydeous strengtha

‘That Hideous Strength’, the C.S.Lewis novel in which the author hoped to bridge the differences between Charles Williams’ matter of Britain and Tolkien’s magnificent mytho-history, has proven the most prophetic of Lewis’ work. The Italian materialist Professor Filostrato informs one of the married protagonists, Mark Studdock, that the highest purpose if the totalitarian social-scientific N.I.C.E. is the replacement of the messy and savage business of procreation altogether – and to replace natural life with technological creations altogether.

That was the passage that hit me squarely when I recently re-read THS. There is a true connection between Williams’ Romantic theology and Tolkien’s subcreation through the love ghat the Holy Trinity bears for Creation and specifically the ardor for His Church that fuels the passion of Jesus. In Tolkien, the Ents have lost the Entwives over a neglect of each others’ gifts – a frightening image of the increasing opposition of gender that the whole multiple gender delusion conceals. It us the most terrible thing, the sight of young men de-virilizing themselves and young women turning themselves into parody boys and men, as the wedding feast that is the summit of the union of God and Man is detested, derided, abandoned. Williams is tje greatest champion (in the truly mediaeval sense) of marriage in imaginative literature of the 20th century. Tolkien’s ideal is most embodied in the tale of Beren and Luthien – and it is quite fascinating that the union of Men and Elves in Middle-Earth is redemptive for both – especially because the PC critics of Tolkien try to make him an Edwardian-Georgian racist. The complementarity of the races is founded within that of sex- Peter Jackson lime all children of his time simply could not grasp. The nobility of marriage is linked to the inter-related spheres under dominion of the man and woman, husband and wife. It is Sauron who seeks a perversion of this and from whom Saruman learns of the forced manufacturing of twisted children.

Our age us that of Saruman, the honey-tongued liar who serves Sauron. These vile counsels wrapped in noble-sounding words conceal the degradation of motherhod and fatherhood into an unholy parody of the self-sacrifice of the wedded couple and their tasks. Lord of the Rings concludes with Sam returning to that which Frodo sacrificed himself to preserve, the fruitful love which, i.n nature, is the source of peace.

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